Welcome to My Music…My World

Christian hip hop artist music

Welcome to my site! As a Christian hip hop artist, I am excited to begin my journey of sharing my God given talents with the world on a new platform. Music have always been a lifelong passion of mine. It has always fed my soul, motivated, comforted, and inspired me.

Jesus Christ have always been in my life, even when all I can see was the bottomless pit and felt so alone and abandoned. It is through Christ that I have been inspired and found a renewed joy in sharing my life experience through music. Naturally in life we go through the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the joy and pain.

Through the Rain…Through the Storm…Through this Tragedy

One of the most agonizing, tragic, and traumatic, moments in my life was the loss of my daughter, Eliana Blessings. I was at my lowest, felt hopeless, and abandoned by God. It is by the grace of Christ that I made it through the storms and rose from the ashes after going through this painful time.

It is from this dry place that I wrote ‘My Prayer’. This is one of the most meaningful song of my life as it is actually my prayer. It is me having a conversation with God while I was in a low place feeling hopeless.

My strong faith in God, the love of Christ emanating to me, and through hearing various songs on the Christian radio station every day from artists like Mercy Me and Lecrae gave me hope and kept me from self-destructing and pulled me into the light.

Vibe with Me…Be Inspired

So now I invite you to take this journey with me and let my music be your inspiration. No matter what you are going through in life whether you are experiencing pain or joy, I hope my music touches and encourage you. May it guide you through your destiny and achieve your dreams.